Looking Abroad

They come from the four corners of the world to share one year together on the same earth portion: the “Visitor and Exchange” students.

An international team worked directly on campus, fighting the strongest accents and English mistakes to build this entertaining story. They communicate through this film the difficult and exciting position of being an alien by using their own voices and languages.

The story of Louis, a young foreign boy walking at night across the geometrical campus comes from real experiences. Through colourful flashbacks, we hear exotic music and accents. But more than our look on the screen, these foreign students coming from Germany, Japan, Turkey, France, China or Spain, and many other places are directly looking at us to tell their stories. Gazes will tell more about the desire to speak than all the languages.

Between language and body language this story asks about communication.

Alice Lenay

Email:  alicelenay@gmail.com

Phone:  07435507263

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