Local immigrants working in foreign kitchens

After the switch of sovereignty of Hong Kong in 1997, famously known as the Handover, Many citizens were pessimistic towards the city’s future and has migrated to other countries, including the U.K. This migration tide has resulted in a mass outflow of talent, many of those whom have migrated were top chefs in Hong Kong.


Amongst the migration tide, many of those were granted British citizenship by the British government before the Handover. Would that automatically make them natives rather immigrants?


This documentary provides an insight into their lives and working environment, narrated by a thorough interview on both their past and current lives, exploring why they have migrated to the U.K. Is it because of the Handover or were they simply looking for a different lifestyle? If they were given a chance to decide one more time, would they have migrated or would they have stayed?


Photographer:  Charles Wong

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