Get Out of Bed with Danny and Ed

Get Out of Bed with Danny and Ed is a short film by Hannah Clifford, Joel Frosh, Conor Soraghan, and Kevin Szmir, that reveals a darker side of morning radio. The film juxtaposes the serious topic of suicide in a mundane setting, with a unique mix of tension and humour. The film portrays the secret world of a radio station, exposing everything that the everyday listener does not hear. This is a story where one phone call could lead to the downfall of a whole system. The film looks at the contrasting personalities in the station and how they deal with the suicidal caller, whilst making the audience ask ‘is the call a hoax?’

With improvisational direction influenced by Armando Iannucci and a surreal style that draws from directors such as Terry Gilliam and David Lynch, Get Out of Bed with Danny and Ed creates a strange atmosphere that builds on the dark comedy genre.

Contact Details

Hannah Clifford: Producer


Joel Frosh: Director/Writer


Conor Soraghan: Editor/Sound Recordist


Kevin Szmir: Director of Photography


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