Cold Call

Joe works in customer services for a telecoms company that specializes in ripping off old people. A modern day cliché, he is sick of his dull boring job and meaningless relationship but can’t find the guts to get out of either of them. He receives an opportunity to save his soul when an elderly customer called Mrs. Fisher calls in after a mysterious message she suspects is from her suicidal son. Is Joe concerned with aiding this dear old woman or just rescuing himself from his humdrum days? ‘’Cold Call’’ is a conversational play and contains many human interactions. This radio piece invites the audience to see the selfish, horrible dark side of human nature via the cruel lines of Joe and questions the ideas of redemption. This project is inspired by many different mediums like film, radio, art, etc. Films like ‘Requiem For A Dream’ play a big part in the inspiration of the play. The deplorable and often bleak hopelessness of the storyline influenced me in wanting to create a piece that could illustrate the murky side of the human condition. Although it is a radio drama, it aims to let audience create their own images in their mind-eyes while listening to the play. ‘’Cold Call’’ is a piece about an everyday guy that highlights our often conflicting human characteristics.

Charlotte Chung

+(44) 7879657206

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