1400 Grams of Gray Matter

Yiyang Yang:

My project is a non linear documentary; and the theme of this project is human brain. At Beginning I was planned to make a brain knowledge related interactive web documentary. This idea is influenced by current medical Apps. And then I articulate to extend my project to other brain related subject. Here, the film “Rise of the planet of the Apes” (2011) inspired me. This film led me to think about how our brain evolutes from Apes to human, and what made us different from other species. Article that I read from TIME magazine propelled me to start the Post human part. Therefore, the final work will contain three parts, Human evolution, Anatomy and Post human. I would like people to consider the question when they viewing my project-where do we come from and where we will be going?

Email:  yjj0103@hotmail.com

Phone:  07714258208

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