Schadenfreude is a black comedy by James Collins and Michael Glover that explores a man’s struggle with depression through his relationship with his therapist. Stuck in a meaningless office job that he despises and surrounded by unsavoury characters at the work place, Jack has developed a fairly bleak outlook on life. It is only when he discovers that the key to his personal happiness and well-being is through the misfortune of others that his life starts to turn around.

The film is an anti-morality tale that aspires to play with the audience’s empathy. Our intention is to test the boundaries of the black comedy genre and the extent of sympathy an audience can feel for a character whose actions become increasingly malicious. The main influences have come from comedic sociopaths like Jack Ketley such as Dexter (Dexter), Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) and the unnamed protagonist from Fight Club who all evoke similar vicarious dark pleasures.

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