Shall We Stay

This documentary project by Yiyi Yang is an attempt to objectively and realistically represent people of oriental nationalities working as employees in the UK. Due to the economic recession, Britain is now facing with an ever increasing unemployment rate. By adapting a fly-on-the-wall approach, this project hopes to bring the audience’s interest and awareness into foreign workers and their dilemmas, by following several people, of Chinese nationality, across a range of different jobs. The UK Home Office has not raise the threshold of work permit for international post-graduates, as they are expected to hold a skilled job at a salary of at least £20,000 within the first year of their employment. This work exposes not only the bitter hardships that the foreign nationals are bearing, but also the optimistic vision of them achieving their goals and finally settling in this country. Working within and practically as a part of the UK society, the immigrants strive to achieve their goals on a soil that is foreign to them, but that may one day turns into their dream home.

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