Remember Me

A documentary photo series by Chloe Montrose exploring her Grandmother’s personal battle with the loss of identity that comes with dementia.

I have been a carer for a dementia sufferer since the age of 18 and I have personally witnessed the effects of dementia and how it ultimately decays an individual’s memory. Throughout my experience I have noticed the stereotyping that occurs when people discover an individual suffers from dementia as they become more concerned with the signs and ultimately forget the person sitting in front of them.

This project presents a documentary photo series exploring my Grandmother’s personal battle in facing the isolation created by dementia. My inspiration stems from photographers such as Magali Nougarède and Phillip Toledano who explore how age and illness affect the relationships between the individual and their carers. Through this investigation, I have been influenced by the idea of voyeurism and exposing the viewer to the isolated world that my Grandmother lives in. This project presents the woman behind the disease.


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