Lost In Time

Lost in Time is a series of cinema graphs by Sophie Peck that explores the urban decay and loss of identity of the popular seaside town of Brighton. By using the combination of photography and film to create these cinemagraphs, I aim to bring to light these issues by contrasting the garishness and tackiness of the once beautiful town with the beauty and vitality of a young girl.

Cinemagraphs highlight the details that people normally miss, through small movements. People are constantly in a rush in modern times, going through life so rapidly that they often fail to notice the beauty of the small hidden details. I hope that this small movement also signifies change over a period of time.

Visually, Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have influenced my work through their creation of editorial cinemagraphs that subtly through a living moment allows us to experience an instant for eternity.

Contact Details:

Email:  sophiepeck@hotmail.com

Phone:  07921619934

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