Guilty Please

This project presents a portrait photo series by Yana Bykova, exploring an intimate and private passion in a person’s life. The guilty passion represents the struggle of people to reveal their secret pleasure to the outside world, as they are afraid to be perceived differently.

The viewer is able to enter the intimate world where person individually is hiding his/hers everyday pleasure deep inside himself/herself. The passion does not necessarily represent the repulsive or forbidden pleasure in people’s life, but passion, which for some personal matter has become the reason to be misjudged by the audience. This work has been mostly inspired by Araminta De Clermont with her series of images “Portraits”.

The project aims to question the viewer how and why we misjudge the person by his preferences in life. By seeing someone else’s guilty pleasure, will we discover it in ourselves? Would we find it hard and shameful to reveal it to the judging world?


Contact Details:

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Phone:  o7767874571

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