Do You Remember Your Childhood Memories?

Do you remember all of your childhood memories or is it that you see them in snaps of pictures or short playbacks?

This installation by Kristina Konareva will embark the viewer on a journey through time, where the film and the atmosphere will engage the audience on an interactive level.  The experience for each viewer is unique due to a random selection of three films out of ten where each film has the intention of triggering childhood memories. An introduction to ‘Basic Relaxation’ at the start of the film will set the audiences mind for an effective retrieval state.  A ‘cued recall’ is injected into the narrative as an effective simulator of retrieving memories using words that are supported with appropriate visuals. When presented with the word, the audience is prompted to pair it with the first experience that they had as a child. The three screens around the viewer will create a 3D experience that will generate a wrapped environment and set the scene around the child’s swing, which acts as seating for the audience.

Name: Kristina Konareva
Phone: 07707096012

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