After Dark

After Dark is a collection of urban landscapes documenting the way nightfall transforms our perception of familiar daytime surroundings into places of fear and trepidation through a woman’s perspective.

After Dark is a collection of photographs documenting the transformation of everyday places from safe and familiar during the day to frightening and ominous at night. In the daytime, we are frequently unaware of our own environment that does little to provoke our imagination or emotions. It is at night that our senses become heightened and familiar places take on a sinister and threatening aspect. Utilizing the photographer’s own experiences, this urban nightscape collection attempts to document this sense of anxiety from a woman’s perspective.

Sigmund Freud’s essay The Uncanny (1919) has inspired the concept behind the collection along with photographer Will Steacy who explored fear and abandonment in America’s inner cities.

The intention of the collection is to highlight the dangers of the night by photographing familiar places in a foreboding and fear provoking way. The collection’s target audience would be those who have experienced anxiety while walking the streets after dark.


Name: Emma Rose Perrin

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