A radio project by MPT finalist Samer Maroun Matta.

“We are all victims of a system that does not favour us as species. Caught up in a vicious cycle, we are constantly dragged downstream through false ideologies and principles of the very few that have blinded humanity into violence, greed, discrimination and inequality. I send out a message of a desperate wakeup call in a shape of an experimental science fiction thriller radio drama containing my experiences and deep reflections on this system. The protagonist of my story is a young black male student who acquires the ability to teleport himself between similarly familiar soundscapes. Representing the abused innocents, he thrives to break free of this cycle as he learns to control his teleportation capability, previously crippled by the system, altered by a sudden epiphany enabling him to reunite with a recently emerging love affair and fulfil his destiny.”

Samer Maroun Matta: +44-7985678629;; website

Please click here to listen to the radio project sample.

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