A Capital in Flux

An animation brings you to the exotic land of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in the face of a development boom.Cambodia is still a country relying on foreign aid, but its capital Phnom Penh is undergoing a radical change. The city’s natural reservoir has made way for a luxury residential complex, and skyscrapers arise in a  speed that no one could have anticipated.

Inspired by images  of industrialisation in  documentary Koyannisqatsi by Reggio, Jane Jacob’s critical view on modernist urban planning, as well as the quirky styles that  have emerged in the  postmodernism movement, this animation tells stories about what modernisation can bring to ordinary people.

You are invited to consider the question of whether Phnom Penh can maintain its uniqueness while embracing this fast-paced development.

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Olive Gexian Lai




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