The Roots of Ivy

A radio project by MPT finalist Jonathan Bridges. Below is the description of the project.

‘Together we inhabit this world, without knowledgeable meaning and purpose. Embarking on a journey, consuming us with happiness, sorrow, ecstatic rapture or confusion, each path different from its predecessors. Each a unique, personal, creative and supernatural indent in the worlds history.

The Roots of Ivy connects with one member of the world, whose story will intrigue members of the community. My Grandmother. Ivy Kay. If there is meaning and feeling in life, it will undoubtedly be proven by family. I could never imagine living throughout my life without family, an agape love, which is tackled by numerous challenges, but always to hold strong. Ivy Kay’s distinct memories of her adoption at the age of five, brought about copious questions relating to her biological family and adoption itself. The young age irritated the blurred definitions and stances on the situation in tow. Ivy Kay demonstrated the attitude and intuition of an adult and brought it upon herself to search to find the truth. Discovering adoption conformation she lead her adolescent years with the awareness and a transparent understanding of who she really was and not what was being said. Ivy Kay, now in her early nineties, has children and grandchildren of her own, retaining an attachment with them that grows stronger everyday.’

Jonathan Bridges:  Email:,  Phone:  07954603119,  Website:

Please click here to listen to the project demo.

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