Speak Up!

Speak Up! is a series of graphic design and a web design for Chinese Youth Radio (CY Radio) by MPT finalist Natalie Tai. CY Radio is a non-profit making organization, based in London and was set up by Chinese Spectrum Radio since 2006. The aim of CY Radio is to engage and integrate British Chinese into local politics through training and promoting Chinese British youth within the Broadcast Media. It also helps to promote Chinese culture.

The project aims to increase the awareness of Chinese youth in the U.K to involve in the country’s political, cultural and social activities and strengthen their sense of belongings through joining the free leadership program and hence making use of their ability and the opportunity to broadcast live on air for Chinese community in London.

A set of promotional materials like logo, t-shirt, poster, pen, leaflet, mascot…and a website will be made. The style of the project will be creative, young and fresh, adding some Chinese elements like Chinese calligraphy, water ink art and paper cutting art into modern graphic design. The key subjects of the design are radio and tree. Radio represents radio broadcasting while tree represents a growing up of young generation in the community.

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